This was a particularly heinous act where 8 heavily armed men attacked the staff and volunteers at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in the Kwa-Zulu-Natel region, South Africa.  They tied up and beat the staff and raped a female volunteer before killing two of the rhino babies who were soon to be released back into the wild after a successful rehabilitation by Thula Thula.   Just to poach their horns.  The double tragedy was that these two rhino babies had been victims of a poaching incident where their mothers were killed by poachers.  Rhino babies and elephant calves NEED their mothers longer than most animal offspring.  

We have friends in Africa who have reported back to us that an international intelligence unit has been called in to find these criminals and bring them to justice.  In the mean time, we are raising funds for the medical costs, vet's bills, counseling that will be needed and most importantly, stronger security and safety measures. 

Here's the link to our Go Fund Me campaign please share with your friends and families as the more we raise, the faster their recovery needs will be met.