on safari

We'll be constantly updating these videos to bring you the best of our African adventures.  As a member, you can now send us your African video adventures and we'll post and share with our tribe.


Close encounters with a young male lion

While on our anti-poaching researching trip to Nambiti Hills in South Africa, we were approached by two young male lions.  This curious guy circled our jeep but thankfully decided to keep going!

Curious Elephant Checks Out Jeep!

While on safari we came upon a bull elephant alone and grazing.  Although we were at a respectful distance, because he was in "musth" he turned and came at us!  This happened just before the mock charge - thrilling!

Rhino mom and calf.

Thandi had been attacked by poachers for her horn and left for dead. After a long raod to recovery, she was able to give birth to her calf and both are doing really well now, despite the traumatic attack. By kind permission of Paul Mills and Grant Fowlds.


The photos taken below were taken over a two-week period in several game reserves in South Africa on an anti-poaching research trip, Over and Above Africa Founder, Kerry David undertook.  We are purposefully vague about when and where exactly each group of animals were as we are dedicated to protecting them from poachers.