We are in post production on Breaking Their Silence

Just a quick update to share that we went back to South Africa and added Rwanda, Vietnam, Kenya, Massi Mara, Seattle and New York to our schedule. We have just released our first introduction piece to Breaking Their Silence which you can watch here on Over and Above Africa or on our sister site, Breaking Their Silence. While we knew we would be meeting phenomenal women who quietly go about their courageous work, we could never have predicted just how open, honest and trusting they were with us in revealing their stories. We can’t wait to bring this film to you early next year!

Filmmakers of O&AA Head to Africa!

We are so very excited to share that we spent March and April in South Africa, Swaziland and Kenya filming "Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War." 

We are now halfway through filming and at the end of June will head to Uganda, Rwanda and China to complete filming these courageous women who are dedicating their lives to preventing Africa's wildlife from extinction.  We can't wait for you to meet them!

As Dame Jane Goodall says, There is still hope if we all work together now!

Soul gazing with an enormous lion while out on safari at Nambiti!  Photo: Kerry David 

Soul gazing with an enormous lion while out on safari at Nambiti!  Photo: Kerry David 

Over and Above Africa is looking for interns in Los Angeles!

We are looking for interns for Fall 2017 that can assist with marketing, outreach, social media, filmmaking, editing, event management, website, fundraising and more! School credit, occasional meals and a great work environment provided! Please email Jennifer@overandaboveafrica.com for more information. 


A big thank you from the Rangers of Nambiti!

On World Ranger Day, Over and Above Africa raised funds for the Rangers of Nambiti Reserve! We are so happy to be able to continue to support these amazing men who risk their lives every day to protect endangered species from extinction!

Check out this awesome APU Experience from our friends at Nkombe Rhino!

Check out this awesome APU Experience from our friends at Nkombe Rhino!

Follow the link above for more info! Guests are introduced to the unit and taken through a presentation on the scale of the rhino poaching situation. Followed by a tour of the APU base camp and an opportunity to actually take part in various activities thereafter!

Scientists Agree: It’s Time To End The War On Wildlife

Killing large predators to reduce livestock conflicts or benefit game populations has long been thought to be ineffective — and devastating for ecosystems — and a growing body of scientific literature criticizing the widespread practice is confirming those fears.

Animal Heros!

We love this inspirational clip from The Dodo about the heroes that risk their lives for animals everyday!

BREAKING NEWS! 70,000 signatures made an immediate impact!

Arsenal owner (UK soccer team) Stan Kroenke pulls all trophy hunting footage from outdoor TV channel after massive public backlash.

My Outdoor TV costs £7.60 a month (about $10.00) and its vile shows feature animals including lions and elephants being stalked and shot by professional hunters.  Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has pulled all bloodsports footage from his controversial outdoor TV channel after a massive public backlash.

The 70-year-old asked My Outdoor TV to “remove all content related to those animals in light of public interest”.  A statement read: "Outdoor Sportsman Group is dedicated to serving audiences around the world interested in the outdoors.

"In the past few days, there has been significant public attention to a small portion of programming on our MyOutdoorTV app that contains content associated with hunting certain big game animals.

"While many on both sides of this issue have made their voices heard, and this content is only available through paid subscriptions, Stan Kroenke has directed us to remove all content related to those animals in light of the public interest."

The new subscription channel, called My Outdoor TV, offers a host of hunting and shooting programs (Image: MOTV)

Chris Packham had earlier slammed Kroenke’s sick trophy hunting TV channel as “psychopathic” and “ugly”.

The conservationist and TV presenter spoke as the US billionaire faced a backlash over the My Outdoor TV streaming service’s UK launch last weekend.  Its vile shows featured animals including lions and elephants being stalked and shot by professional hunter Springwatch host Chris said Arsenal FC sponsor Emirates should “exert some pressure” on the club as 70,000 people signed a petition calling on sponsors to take a stand against hunting.

Chris Packham has torn into the Arsenal owner's TV business (Image: BBC) He said: “I’m sure an otherwise premium airline wouldn’t want to be associated with this ­celebration of slaughter of some of the world’s most beautiful species.”

My Outdoor TV is part of US-based Outdoor Sportsman Group, owned by Gunners majority shareholder Kroenke, and a subscription costs £7.60 a month.

Arsenal fans horrified at owner Stan Kroenke's 'sick' new 'trophy hunting' TV channel
Chris, 56, said: “What an ugly scenario – trophy hunting on UK television and so out of touch with the modern mood. As wildlife becomes rarer people are growing intolerant of wasting it by killing it for fun. The response to Cecil the lion’s death and to fox hunting and raptor persecution in the UK prove this.

“And the ‘hunter as conservationist’ line is largely a tired old lie they still trot out to justify their psychopathic need to kill defenceless things for pleasure.

“It would be nice to see Emirates exert some pressure because of the Arsenal connection.”

Presenter Ben Fogle called for Arsenal fans to boycott the club.  He said on Good Morning Britain: “My problem is that it glorifies hunting.

With young people suddenly having access to the hunting of elephants in Africa, whether people argue this is legal or not, it’s unethical and I don’t think that we should be promoting this.

Calls to boycott Arsenal after owner Stan Kroenke launches 'sickening' blood sports TV channel showing hunters killing elephants and lions “Stan Kroenke, as a billionaire philanthropist, I think he should be focusing on putting money into conservation.

“It’s still glorifying blood sports. You can’t underestimate the power of television. Television is a medium that makes everything very glamorous.

“If you glamorise someone out with a bow and arrow shooting a bear or someone hunting an elephant, whether it’s for conservation – whether you can argue that or not – it’s still glorifying murder, the killing of a beautiful animal that’s endangered.”

Ben, 43, added: “All the Arsenal supporters… your money is going into supporting hunting, whether you like it or not. I’m calling for a boycott, please.”

My Outdoor TV's promotional material, which glamorises bloodsports (Image: MOTV)
And GMB presenter Eamonn Holmes, 57, said the trophy hunting channel made him “sick”. Brandishing a copy of the Mirror’s front page, he said: “What I’ve seen, that’s made my blood run cold.

“That headline, people who pose as trophy hunters beside things like that. It makes me sick. I think a man who’s in charge of Arsenal has a social responsibility not to be peddling that.”

High-profile Gunners fans Piers Morgan and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were also among those to condemn Kroenke over the footage.


$8 Million of Elephant Ivory Destroyed in Central Park!

$8 Million of Elephant Ivory Destroyed in Central Park!

The carvings were confiscated in recent ivory busts in New York. They once belonged on the faces of a least 100 slaughtered elephants. Nearly two tons of ivory worth about $8 million was destroyed at the “Ivory Crush” event, which was timed to precede World Elephant Day on Aug. 12.

Honoring Rangers on this World Ranger Day!

If you follow Over and Above Africa on social media (and we hope you do!) you know that we are running a special promotion in honor of World Ranger Day, which was July 31st. Donate $100 or more between now and August 5th and we will send you a PERSONALIZED video message from a Ranger.  Please donate and support these amazing men and women that risk their lives every day! (Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Vietnamese Youth Vow to Make a Difference for Rhino!!

Vietnamese Youth Vow to Make a Difference for Rhino!!

The continued senseless killing of African rhino for their horn, is driven by the demand for horn in primary consumer countries in Asia, such as Vietnam and China. More than 90% of horn goes to or through Vietnam. With the older generations for the most part set in their ways, much hope lies with changing the hearts and minds of the 10-24 year olds who make up almost 25% of Vietnam’s 94 million population. The Wild Rhino demand reduction campaign focusses on tapping into these young minds and motivating change before it is too late.

Jamie Joseph of Saving the Wild works tirelessly to take down rhino kingpin!

At last, accusations of corruption and deliberate delays in the trial against alleged KwaZulu-Natal rhino poaching kingpin Dumisani Gwala have led to calls for the case to be moved to the high court. Gwala – whose network was alleged to have been responsible for about 80% of all poached horn in the province – and co-accused Wiseman Makeba and Aubrey Dlamini are facing a total of 10 charges, most related to the illegal purchase and possession of rhino horn, and of resisting arrest. Read more from Jamie about her quest to bring down this notorious rhino king pin via her blog!