Always ready and willing to bring you the news from the ground as it's shared with us by those closest and most trusted to the sources - this particular one makes our blood boil.   

"Warrant officer JP van Zyl-Roux is facing an internal disciplinary hearing this week for allegedly failing to hand over a docket to anti-corruption investigators‚ having private firearms at work and bringing the force into disrepute."  Read the full article here

Jamie Joseph and JP work together tirelessly for conservation and wildlife protection.  More recently they've focused on identifying corruption and it seems they've hit a nerve.  THIS kind of persecution is often the result of such work.  When that work encroaches on potentially exposing dishonest individuals holding high ranking positions - they usually go all out to discredit, railroad, fire and eliminate the threat before it dirties their doorstep.  

While JP Van Zyl-Roux deals with the hand he has been dealt and navigates these accusations, our friends Jamie Joseph ( and Elephant Action League have joined forces to back him and bolster this hand.  They will share with us ALL that transpires so we can share it with you, while they fight to clear his name.   We'll bring you more on this as it unravels of course, meanwhile, our collective thoughts are with JP Van Zyl-Roux and his family - he must feel very alone right now.