Guest speakers

Over and Above Africa has many friends in Africa who are fighting across all sectors of the poaching crisis and working to help end human/animal conflict.  We'll be introducing you to many of them through this channel - and we'd first like you to meet Damien Mander who has an amazing story about how he got involved.  This video was taken while he was here in Los Angeles fundraising for equipment for his anti-poaching unit in Mozambique. 

View Damien Mander discussing the importance of a global community getting involved in the poaching crisis.  He is definitely one of our heroes and a man on a mission!  

Eco-Warrior and journalist, Jamie Joseph is out on the frontline where most don't want to be.  She is a fearless defender of the endangered animals being poached into extinction.  Here she gives Over and Above Africa an exclusive interview on the situation as she sees it, and how you can help her protect the animals we all love so much.


Damien Mander - IAPF 

An environmental and animal welfare activist, Damien is outspoken about the priorities of mankind in an increasingly challenged society. He frequently advocates the use of military equipment and tactics for the purpose of protecting animals, including the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Damien used his life savings and liquidated his investments and assets to fund the start-up and running costs of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation – an organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife in some of the world's most volatile regions. 

Damien recognizes the need for protection of all animals, not just from an ethical standpoint, but also from a global environmental perspective. A public speaker, Mander is a vegan who actively encourages his audience to hold back the tide of human encroachment and correct the imbalance between dwindling wilderness areas and rapidly increasing human populations.

Beverly & Derek Joubert on 60 Minutes

Two of our very first Advisory Board Members, Beverly and Derek Joubert, interviewed here on 60 Minutes about the outstanding work they do for conservation in Africa.  We are so privileged to have their guidance and support on Over and Above Africa.

Steve Galster - Freeland

Steve Galster is one of our heroes AND an Over and Above Africa Advisory Board Member.  His work protecting the environment is almost unparalleled and we feel so grateful we have both his guidance and his expertise in tackling these issues.