From the field


We know you LOVE videos and we will always be a media site for your entertainment.  However, sometimes we want to share articles that we have learned from or enjoyed.  We'll post them here for you to be able to fully dive into the complexities of the poaching crisis and human/animal conflict that with your help, we are determined to overcome!  Here's a couple to be starting with: 

Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants, Now Protect Them - by Ami Vitale for National Geographic

And from the "Karma" library read this!

Understanding Ivory Law 

There are so many different perspectives to bring you, we will continue to seek out new friends who are helping us protect the endangered animals wherever they are and in as many effective ways as they can dream up that work! 


Nambiti Game Reserve Anti-Poaching Unit (APU)

These are some of the actual rangers we met from the anti-poaching unit and who allowed us to walk out on safari with them.  When we returned to the US we held a fundraising campaign for them for new boots as they walk 17km a day caring for the animals.  The "Boots-for-Rangers" raise was a huge success and we'll be bringing you the footage of them receiving their boots in the next couple of weeks. 

Leopard resting after kill he dragged up into a tree.

This gorgeous leopard was resting on a very hot afternoon after having just killed an impala and dragged it up a massive tree.  

Grazing de-horned white rhino

These rhino seemed quite comfortable grazing around us as we watched their powerful presence only a few feet away. 


These are some of the photos taken from the field in Africa on the many initiatives we are supporting that are helping to prevent extinction. 

The top four photos were taken at Nambiti Private Game Reserve.  The rhino horn that is being sawn off here with a chain saw is to protect the rhino from poachers.  

The white trucks, helicopter shot, tug of war chain, plane and rhino running are all taken by our Advisory Board members, Beverly & Derek Joubert documenting the capture, shipping and release of the rhino they are saving through their Great Plains Foundation.