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Damien shares how joining Over and Above Africa helps the boots on the ground organizations like his IAPF, helps the men and women on the ground, and how YOU will help the animals we are protecting from the poaching crisis for just $5 a month. Scroll down after this video to see our membership plans! Thank you for joining our tribe!


Membership Plans

Our daily, monthly and annual membership fees are tax-deductible and 100% of the profits from your membership goes to  current and future projects!  

All donations made on our Over And Above Africa site are tax deductible through Global Philanthropy Group, our fiscal sponsor.

Your $5 a month gets pooled with all member contributions and is given to effective anti-poaching initiatives that we then film and bring back to you on this platform to SEE and EXPERIENCE how YOUR contributions literally make a difference - it's the magic of micro-funding!

A monthly donation of $20 towards saving a species!

A year's worth of help in your first payment!  You'll be protecting and defending Africa's endangered animals and you'll receive our updates first via our private monthly newsletter and have access to Behind-the-Scenes footage as we film your funds in use!

We've added the "Lioness plan" and "Big Tusker" plan by member request!  $100 will be automatically withdrawn each month and help us reach our goals to support African initiatives faster!  

You can see we had fun with naming our initiatives! Our "Big Tusker" plan is designed for members who want to contribute $150 to us each month.  We thought "Big Tusker" was appropriate! 

Purchase an annual gift subscription for a friend or loved one to include them in our race to prevent extinction!  With each video we shoot of our funds in action they'll be reminded of you! Literally the gift that keeps on giving! 

Purchase the gift and email us at and fill out the following:

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