Over and Above Africa was created after Founder and CEO, Kerry David attended a Los Angeles fundraiser for elephants that outlined the total devastation poaching has had on Africa's vulnerable wildlife.  The visual presentation outlining the tragic poaching crisis and human/animal conflict was shot from a drone flying high over Africa's beautiful landscape and was effectively protecting all the animals within its vision and beneath it - our community was created to do the same - it's how Over and Above Africa got its name.

In the two years this particular drone had been flying over the KNP (Kruger National Park) the poaching stopped.  Whether the drone flew day or night - the animals were safe so long as it was air-born. From a drone's eye, or "Over and Above Africa", it felt like the problems these animals faced below could be overcome if we a global community's attention was aware of their predicament.

Our tagline for Over And Above Africa is #AffordablePhilanthropy because we want everyone to be able to help, at whatever their comfort level to prevent this crisis from becoming a total extinction of Africa's elephants, rhino, lions, pangolin and giraffe - most experts have predicted we have less than 8 years left to act if we want to save them.  

Over and Above Africa's Founder, and Executive Director July, 2017


Three months into our launch, and we've already had four successful fundraisers and connected several non-profits working in this field to help each other.  Without YOU, our members and donors none of this would be possible!  

We've raised funds for Nambiti Private Game Reserve's Anti-Poaching Unit with our "Boots for Rangers" drive; Care For Wild Rhino Orphanage, Damien Mander's IAPF Anti Poaching Unit Team and a soon to be released video that will showcase Nambiti's "Elephant Relocation and Rhino Conservation Program" (it will first be screened here on our platform on World Elephant Day - August 12th so stay tuned!)  

Thanks to your generosity we continue to raise awareness about the crisis facing these beautiful, yet vulnerable and endangered animals.  What makes us unique is that we use micro-financing to raise funds and then we film YOUR funds in use to show you how YOU are protecting Africa's wildlife - and preventing their ultimate extinction.  

Still not a member? Become a member today ($5 a month!) and share this journey with us!

Thank you for taking care of our planet - it's the only one we have! 

Kerry, Jennifer and the O&AA Team

Photo credit: Amy Graves

Over And Above Africa Team



Kerry has always been a passionate advocate for animals.  After learning how many of Africa's iconic animals were facing extinction, not only in her lifetime, but in as little as 9 years, she was compelled to act. She started researching the poaching crisis, wildlife trafficking and the human/animal challenges facing Africa and was horrified at what she uncovered. "I don't want to imagine a world without elephants, rhino, leopards, lions, cheetah and other iconic animals roaming freely in the wild. This conflict between man and animal has reached a tipping point, we have to intervene if we have any humanity in us at all."  She Founded "Over and Above Africa" as a global solution.  

"Without our help, these beautiful animals don't stand a chance against the awesome firepower currently reigning down on them. But we can connect as a global community and protect their existence here. We can prevent their suffering and their extinction. Over and Above Africa makes the solution affordable, transparent and enjoyable to a global audience. It's what Over and Above Africa is all about". 

A multiple award-winning Producer, Kerry has spent the past 25 years working on feature films and documentaries in Hollywood.  Two and a half years working at Paramount Pictures lead to three years working for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on projects that include Mission Impossible 2, Without Limits, Portrait of a Lady, Peacemaker, Practical Magic, The Blue Room and Eyes Wide Shut with Stanley Kubrick.  

She started her own production company in 2000, and in the ensuing years produced multiple projects including, Agent Cody Banks 1 & 2, My Date with Drew, Like Dandelion Dust, Seeking Happily Ever After, Perfect Romance, Deposing the Usual Suspects, Expert Insight, Making Miles, The Miles Davis Story among others.  

In 2001, Kerry Founded Indieproducer.net, an online film & TV community to help new & emerging filmmakers break into the industry. It was named the #1 site for filmmakers worldwide, was in 130 countries with over 82,000 members when she sold it to the Vail Film Festival in 2010.  

In 2010 Kerry was hired as CEO and CFO to oversee the creation of an orphanage for children in Ghana, West Africa from inception to completion. From hiring the architects, locating the region and children in need and hiring the staff to run it.  She was tasked with overseeing every aspect including the budget and build.  She found the process enlightening and challenging but above all, extremely inspirational and completed the orphanage in 2013.  She said of her experience, "Meeting the children and working with the kind people in Ghana will remain a highlight of my life." 

Over And Above Africa fulfills a personal drive to help prevent the loss of Africa's innocent, vulnerable and iconic animals. "I am dedicated to being an integral part of the movement that prevents Africa's endangered species from extinction".   

For a more in-depth article on Kerry, click here and for more on Over and Above Africa, click here.   

Photo credit: @PhilipFolsom 


Jennifer comes to Over and Above Africa with a lifelong love of animals, elephants in particular, that lead her to seek a better understanding of the poaching crisis. 

"When I initally learned the grave danger that elephants were in I assured myself that those working in the field to protect animals would not allow this to happen- they could not possibly become extinct. However, as I began to understand the depth of the poaching crisis and what was happening to not only elephants, but rhino, pangolin, cheetahs, it became clear to me that despite their best efforts, these animals were on the path to extinction. That is when I decided to do something. That is when I realized that there was something I could do with my skill set to help stop this tragedy." 

Coming from a successful career as a Business Development Executive, both domestically and internationally, as well as having worked as Area Director for the Dream Factory, a national non-profit organization that grants dreams to critically and chronically ill children, Jennifer decided to leave her career behind and make her life's work saving animals. 

"I began by volunteering and eventually became Director of Operations for Stop Poaching Now!, a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 dedicated to funding grass roots organizations that are working to protect animals from extinction.."

Jennifer comes to Over and Above Africa with a passion for educating the global community about the plight of Africa's endangered animals and to identify and support new and important organizations in Africa that are effectively tackling the poaching and human/animal conflict raging on that continent that need our support. 

"I believe that there are many people who are simply not aware of what is happening, and if they become aware they will want to join us and do something about this. Do we want to be the generation that wipes out entire species from our planet? Do we want to allow terrorism to be funded through the slaughter of these beautiful and sensitive creatures? We cannot let this happen."