over and above africa

Our mission is - zero poaching within 5 years through awareness and preservation.  

While drones have been a revolutionary addition to the tactics used to prevent poaching in Africa, it's only one of many tools necessary to stop poachers.  Unfortunately there is no "one silver bullet" to protect these vulnerable and endangered animals.   "Over and Above Africa" has joined with many of Africa's most noted animal advocates and conservationists to help prevent the extinction of these beautiful creatures and we hope you'll join us in this movement to end poaching!   

We recently shot this beautiful footage from a drone flying high over our partners property; Nambiti Private Game Reserve in Durban, South Africa - enjoy! 


One of our favorite partners on the ground in South Africa is Joe Pietersen from Nkombe Rhino who kindly shared his drone footage with us. 

Our friend, Damien Mander training his anti-poaching units in the bush - all to protect the rhino he cares so much about.

Damien's story is one we'll come back to and share with our O&AA tribe - it's amazing, you don't want to miss it! 

Damien Mander 2

Kruger National Park - one of the most troubled parks in Africa as far as poaching and animal safety is concerned....