over and above africa

Our mission is to prevent extinction - through awareness and preservation.  

Unfortunately there is no "one silver bullet" to protect the endangered animals on our planet.  There are however, several effective initiatives that when combined together do work and we will introduce you to the people and organizations who are running them.  We hope you'll join us to save them too.


We recently shot this beautiful footage from a drone flying high over our partners property; Nambiti Private Game Reserve in Durban, South Africa - enjoy! 


Joe Pietersen from Nkombe Rhino kindly shared his drone footage with us. 


Our friend, Damien Mander training his anti-poaching units in the bush - all to protect the rhino he cares so much about.

We recently helped Damien raise funds to form the world's first all female, fully armed, anti-poaching unit. They have already achieved major successes in apprehending poachers and wildlife traffickers, even bringing down an entire crime syndicate!