Click on the rangers below to watch our successful Boots-for-Rangers campaign. Your contributions making a difference across the world! 

FEBRUARY 29th, 2017

Thanks to your support, our Boots-for-Rangers campaign was a success!  We raised funds and purchased new boots for the rangers of Nambiti's Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) in South Africa's Kwa Zulu-Natel region.  

The boots arrived at Nambiti just this morning, and were handed out to some of the available rangers at the beautiful Nambiti Private Game Reserve - Presided over by Nambiti CEO, Clarke Smith, and our filmmaking partners, Anton Herrington and Tekweni TV Productions.  

Here's the Facebook live video our team took this morning - such an exciting day for Over and Above Africa and the APU rangers!   

If you donated - THANK YOU!  If you thought about it but wanted to see our results, please join our movement and become an OAAA Tribe Member!   See and experience your contributions and your acknowledgement making a difference!

February 25th, 2017

Our partners, Tekweni Productions are gearing up for the long journey down to Nambiti to film the rangers receiving their boots and will be filming on February 28th and 29th.  We're hoping to bring you a FaceBook live post on one or both of those days if they are within network range!  The best part? The rangers have NO IDEA we did this for them.  We can't wait to see their reaction to the boots arriving from a caring global community!   

Why did we make Boots-For-Rangers our first fundraiser?  We were invited by Nambiti's APU rangers to hike out on patrol with them and experience a day in their shoes protecting the endangered animals.  They walk up to 17km a day, through every imaginable terrain just to ensure the animals in their care are alive and as safe as possible. These rangers risk their lives against the elements, the animals and most perilously against the poachers who are better funded, better equipped and bring battle grade weapons to the fight. When asked what they needed most, they replied, training and equipment.  We are working on getting them training that's for an upcoming fundraiser, but we knew we could help with equipment as soon as we got back to the states.  We raised the funds in 3 weeks and within 10 days we will be bringing you the footage showing them receiving the boots.  

 These are some of the courageous APU rangers at Nambiti Private Game Reserve - after their annual awards dinner.

These are some of the courageous APU rangers at Nambiti Private Game Reserve - after their annual awards dinner.

 Over and Above Africa out on patrol with the Anti-Poaching Unit at Nambiti

Over and Above Africa out on patrol with the Anti-Poaching Unit at Nambiti



May 15th, 2017

We are delighted to have donated our recent fundraiser to the wonderful staff at "Care for Wild".  

Petronel thanks YOU in this video for the funds Over And Above Africa provided to help with the costs of saving this orphaned rhino.   Care For Wild save rhino orphans left to fend for themselves after poachers have killed their mothers for their horns.  It's a difficult task to raise rhinos and elephant calves as both look to their mothers for all their needs longer than most infants in the animal kingdom.  At Care For Wild they know exactly what's needed and have a wonderful track record of raising and releasing rhino back into the wild. 

Here's Zac in his pen, one of Care For Wild's success stories.    



May 19th, 2017

We released this PSA about Endangered Species Day to encourage a global community to join us in protecting these beautiful animals and allowing them to live full lives out on the plains of Africa where they belong. 

SUCCESS!  We reached our goal thanks to your membership and our donor support!

Watch this exclusive interview we held with Damien Mander at our first ever Over and Above Africa live fundraiser!  Damien shares - in his own words - how our funds will be utilized by his rangers on the frontline (press play below!) 

SUCCESS!  We reached our goal on July 1st! 

We were so thrilled to help Damien and his I.A.P.F. with their fundraising efforts.  They are still in the process of forming a totally new and ultra effective Anti-Poaching Unit in Africa.  With the recent ban for rhino horn trading lifted by South Africa, the predicted escalation of rhino poaching is creating shocking casualties, mostly deaths.  Damien's success record with his Anti-Poaching Units working together with African officials to ensure the safety of the animals in his region is legendary. Now he's forming another and we LOVE his forward thinking project which we'll be sharing with you over the coming weeks. 

Thank you for helping us to reach our goal and for being able to support his efforts to ensure the animals we love so dearly will thrive and survive in the wild.   We literally can not do this with out you!



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