Zululand Conservation Trust

See how the Zululand Conservation Trust used their donations from Over and Above Africa to build a new creche that has been built for the Nkukwini Community! This is just Part 1… stay tuned for Part 2!


Zululand Conservation and Trust

We raised $4,550 for rhinos, hippos, and children!

Megan and Frances thank Over and Above Africa for raising funds for their orphaned animals and community outreach program for children!
rhino and baby.jpg

Successful Fundraiser! Raised $4,500 for Zululand Conservation Fund. We are now editing "Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War" which we shot all over South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Rwanda, Vietnam and the U.S. where we met these wonderful women and experienced their work!  Thank you for supporting their initiative!


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