We call this current and future because some of the projects we back are still in the initial stages of preparing and planning - and so if they aren't current now, they soon will be!  

Extinction  Poaching


We are raising $20,000 to start a brand new initiative with our friends at The Sparta Project.  The SPARTA Project is a 501c(3) offering Veterans a week long intensive program where they learn to understand their PTS(D) symptoms and offer tools to overcome and manage the symptoms, rather than be in effect of them.  The SPARTA Project's team are outstanding men and women who know PTS(D) only too well as they have all experienced it and many are veterans themselves.

We'll be creating a brand new initiative together where successful Co-hort graduates can use their skills and experience gained in the military to teach rangers in Africa how to protect themselves and the endangered animals they care for when confronted by poachers and wildlife traffickers.  We'll be bringing you a short clip from our friends at The SPARTA Project to discuss more in detail. If you'd like to donate to this fund, please click below - your donation is also tax deductible! In the "Comments" box when you donate - please write "The Sparta Project"

Anti-poaching  Lion


Joe Pietersen's Nkombe Rhino Unit.

These dedicated and professionally trained men are fighting for the future of a sustainable wildlife heritage.

Currently deployed deep in the African Savannah (Bush veldt) they are protecting, tracking and setting up advanced search patrols to intercept poaching incursions in the Greater Kruger national Park Biosphere.

Providing simple necessities such as comfortable tents, nutritious meals and running water after a tough week on patrol, makes all the difference to the Anti Poaching Unit’s wellbeing and is vitally important to the APU morale.  Fighting to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to view the Rhinoceros, Elephants and Big Cats of Africa for all-time.  

Donate to Nkombe below!

Petronel attending to a rhino out in the bush.

Care for Wild

"Care for Wild" Rhino Orphanage and Sanctuary is one of Africa's most respected non-profits working to protect, preserve and mend the innocent victims of rhino poaching. 

Because Africa is such a huge continent, they are quite restricted on how far or how fast they can go when called to attend to a rhino victim.  We are helping them raise funds to purchase an all-terrain vehicle that will enable swifter medical attention for these babies to be nursed back to health - and when appropriate, released back into the wild.  In the "Comments" box when you donate - please write "Care for Wild"